Emery’s Top 10 Weed Destinations!

Marc Emery–the prince of pot–is a world renowned cannabis activist.

July 20, 2019

Marc Emery–the prince of pot–is a world renowned cannabis activist. He won many lifetime achievement awards throughout his career, and has even been incarcerated in the United States after being abandoned by his Nativ Country Canada for allegedly selling cannabis seeds worldwide. His career is full of wild and countless stories of debauchery that “Would rival Hunter S. Thompson” worst says Emery. Recently, Marc was banned from the Cannabis industry in Canada for two years, and decided to take a Cannabis Tour around the World and has ranked his top 10 weed destinations. Enjoy Marc’s Trip!


With its cold winter season and short daylight hours, no wonder places like Canada are experiencing cannabis shortages despite legalization. Many countries may start turning to places like Colombia to help conquer the shortage of green!


Cannabis consumption is not considered as a criminal offence or punishable by law in Slovenia, yet you can be subjected to a fine by the state for possession of any drug- including cannabis. But the fine may be waived or reduced if the individual voluntarily joins a treatment or rehabilitation centre!


Although it is illegal to grow, harvest, possess or even smoke cannabis in Morocco, it is one of the world’s biggest exporters of hash! You can even find some of this resin in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. How does that even make sense?!


While you could legally have 4 grams of cannabis or two grams of cocaine on you, you have to pick your poison. It is considered a crime if you have ‘possession of two or more drugs’ on yourself at once!


Unlike many other countries around the world, city officials in Chile actually support the growth of marijuana- even up to 850 plants residentially! The state is focusing for medical purposes only as the plant is extracted into an oil and used as a painkiller for cancer patients.


While it may not be #1 on the list, it is the 1st country to have ever legalized marijuana! Not only can it be found in pharmacies, but it is also the most widely used drugs in the country!


While it has not been fully legalized yet, South Africa may be on it’s way as it is currently decimalized for adult personal consumption!


Second to Amsterdam, Barcelona is often referred as the 2nd Cannabis home in Europe. There’s over 200 cannabis clubs in this city- talk about a good time!


Next on the list is Emery’s current home town in Canada. Some have even called BC the Amsterdam of Canada! With weed this good, no wonder Marc spent most of his Career in Vancouver!


Finally, first on the list should come as no surprise. Not only are THC levels higher in this crazy city, but some of the best places to find your flower are in local coffee shops.