What’s Nolan Sousely Up To?

Nolan Sousley, a former prom king, loving father, seasoned fisherman and hunter, clothing brand owner, and a stage four pancreatic cancer victim.

July 20, 2019

Bolivar, Missouri.  On March 8, 2019 Nolan had his hospital room illegally searched after a security guard approached Nolan and his wife Amber while they were smoking cigarettes outside the hospital in a no smoking zone. While putting out his cigarette, they made the comment of “it wasn’t like it was marijuana”. A confusing world of harassment began as the security guards notified the Bolivar Police about suspicion of possible cannabis possession. This lead to two armed Bolivar police officers to respond and search the room of this stage four pancreatic cancer victim’s room. In response, Sousley began to post this event on Facebook Live, which lead to a world of controversy.

Was it necessary?

So why did the Missouri Police care about what Sousley was taking? If the police are truly the catalyst to the Criminal justice system, at what level of discretion can the police exercise, and at what point does harassing and confiscating the only medication that seems to control the side effects of cancer treatment rise to the level of intentional infliction of emotional distress? Some million Facebook and YouTube viewers believed it was. So much so that the Bolivar Police had to take down their Facebook and other social media accounts because too many officers were receiving death threats from around the world. Leave your thoughts and comments for Nolan down below.

Rick Simpson Oil

Sousley, who has admitted to occasionally trying cannabis before he was diagnosed with cancer, was not a life long cannabis user. It was only after Nolan and his wife Amber discovered Rick Simpson oil (RSO), created by a Canadian entrepreneur who accidently discovered Cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer. Rick Simpson a former hospital engineer suffered a head injury after falling from a ladder in a boiler room and developed tinnitus. After he tried years of pharmaceuticals, which made his symptoms worse, Rick tried Cannabis oil. His symptoms were relieved much to the dismay of his doctor. Rick later was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on his arm. He applied cannabis oil to his wound and much to his doctor’s surprise the oil cured his cancer. Rick was a believer and began manufacturing and selling the oil. However, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police raided his Canadian home multiple times and confiscated his plants and products. Rick persevered and is now selling his Rick Simpson Oil all over the globe.

This is why Nolan, who is diagnosed with the deadliest form of cancer, has recently decided to abstain from any chemotherapy or radiation in an attempt to allow the Rick Simpson Oil to work. Nolan admits he religiously takes a gram of RSO a day, and although he acknowledges it may it may not cure him, the quality of his life has been greatly improved. He has even refused opiates and other medications in favor of RSO.

What is Sousley doing now?

Good news—Nolan kept fighting after his doctor and police forced the Facebook live session to end and he didn’t receive a citation–despite the big bag of Rick Simpson Oil he kept clenched in his dying arms. “Over my dead body” is a very fitting end for a very unfortunate series of events.

If this cancer survivor has taught us anything is, follow through with what you believe in because there will always be people who disagree with our opinions.

Now, Nolan and his wife travel to different cities to help other survivors get off Opiates. Their 30-day program involves teaching individuals a variety of relaxation techniques to help destress. To learn more about his program, check it out at his Facebook Page.