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Subscribe & Save–Only $3.50 a month! Free Shipping!

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Thanks for joining my Movement!

Join me in the fight to end Prohibition!

Proceeds from Online sales will be DONATED to a Harvard Study to prove CBD & THC reduces the damage caused by concussions, mitigates symptoms of CTE, and reduces chronic Pain! 

CTE is a very serious–Support me and democratize medicine!

The Cannabis Passport –The World’s First– Rolling Paper Magazine!

  • 100 Premium Hemp Rolling Papers
  • 100 Soy ink printed & perforated filters
  • Content updated every major production round
  • Don’t pay triple the price for 1/3 of the papers.

Sign up today for Packs sent straight to your door for $4.20 a month!! Join us in the fight to end Prohibition!

Become a Cannabis Citizen Now!

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Customer Care

At Cannabis Passport, we strive to provide the best customer care possible. Please voice all concerns by heading over to the Contact Us page and filling in the online form with Customer Care as the subject.. We would love to reach out and see how we can make you completely satisfied.We love hearing from our customers and are always interested in your feedback including the good and the bad but preferably the good. We have worked hard on this and a lot of effort goes into each issue to ensure that we are including the right content for the worlds first fully smokeable magazine. Want to talk directly to David? Contact us and we will make it happen.

Want David to speak at your Cannabis Event? Contact us and we will make it happen!

Product description

This mini Passport is the worlds first smokable magazine complete with 100 hemp papers and soy printed filters. This is the ideal conversation starter while travelling and hanging out with your mates. Each issue will contain up to date information about the industry.


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