We are a cannabis advocacy group that not only wants to entertain but educate about cannabis and the health benefits it comes with. We also talk about the latest news and products in the industry. It’s the place to go to keep up to date. Every issue will have up to date content and you will be able to read while you are rolling. We interview activists, celebrities, politicians about cannabis activism. Each issue will provide the most recent events and products and we will continue to keep the content unique and entertaining. We will be listening out for what you want to hear about so it is tailored to our readers. There are opportunities for advertising with us which you will be able to get more information in our “Advertise with us” section and plenty of opportunities for feedback in our “Customer Care” section. Want to influence with us? Joint the Team! We are here for you in an industry that has been undervalued and frowned upon in so many countries and still so many today. We want to make your time educational but also entertaining and will be providing you with a lot of variety in the world’s first smokable magazine.

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Join David team of world class cultural influencers and feel like you are making a difference! Even social media executives do not support Plants over Pills, and is no Surprise! How can any one actually learn the benefits of Cannabis? David’s message needs to be spread world wide, and the suffering needs to end. Join us if you have what it takes to change hearts and minds! Or at least have the courage to change your own Grandmothers?